Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Julia Bonatti

Ten things we don’t know about Julia Bonatti?  Well, let me think.  As the author of the Zodiac Mysteries, I’m not sure there’s anything my protagonist Julia hasn’t already revealed.  I’ve tried to make her fairly open and honest about who she is and what motivates her.  But maybe I can go further . . .
Let’s see . . . Julia’s a Sagittarian and because she’s an astrologer she lets everyone know that her Sun sign indicates optimism, generosity, a free spirit, one who isn’t afraid to take on challenges or tackle danger.  But her birthday?  So far, that’s been a secret.  So here goes — Julia was born on December 3, 1981 at 11:51 a.m. PST in San Francisco.

You can see her chart here.  Notice that her Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all clustered around her 10th house cusp (her career).  Uranus always figures significantly in the charts of astrologers.  Neptune is in the 10th as well.  Her profession is linked to the mysterious, to the occult arts.  Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are clustered in her 8th house, a mysterious arena, the house of death.  Her Ascendant is Aquarius.  She’s eccentric, doesn’t really fit into the norm of a woman her age.  And her Moon is in Pisces.  She’s sensitive and a pushover for people in trouble.

We do know that her parents were killed in a car crash on the Bay Bridge when she was just a child.  She really can’t remember them too well, just an occasional vague memory.  And she’s an only child raised by her grandmother.  What she doesn’t talk about very much is her sense of displacement, her sense of not belonging.  Her grandmother is her only link to the past.  Then of course there’s Kuan, her grandmother’s friend who lives in the first floor apartment of her grandmother’s house in Castle Alley and practices Chinese medicine.  Kuan was a dear friend of Julia’s grandfather (now deceased).  In fact, Kuan saved her grandfather’s life many years before, but that’s something I’m holding back for a future story.  To Julia, he’s a surrogate grandfather.

With such a small family, her friends, Gale and Cheryl, are terribly important to her.  Julia had hoped that when she and Michael married, that haunting sense of not belonging would be healed.  Together they would start a family, but sadly that was taken away from her with Michael’s death.  But what does Julia not talk about in the Zodiac Mysteries?  Her fears.  None of us can talk very lightly about our deepest fears.  Maybe we’re superstitious, as if talking about the things we fear will bring them about.  Julia fears her grandmother will die.  After all, everyone else has left her.  She knows logically that her grandmother will die someday, but it’s more than she can get her head around.

She fears she’ll be alone for the rest of her life.
She fears she’ll never fall in love again.
She fears she’ll make a terrible mistake with a client’s chart and make a wrong prediction.  That would destroy her reputation and her practice.
She fears her skills as an astrologer won’t help her prevent another disaster, like the death of her fiancé.
And she fears if she keeps sticking her nose in crime, she’ll die young.  Then she thinks, maybe that’s better than being alone and the last one left on earth.
She fears she’ll find out her parents weren’t the wonderful people her grandmother claims they were.  And most of all, she is still terrified of driving across the Bay Bridge.
Is that 10?  Oh, not quite.  One more thing — she absolutely loves bitter-sweet dark chocolate!

I hope you’ll get to know Julia even better in the books of the Zodiac Mysteries and tag along with her on her crime-solving adventures.  Don’t worry, she’s not going to talk about her fears, she’ll be following the clues and tracking down a murderer!  And hopefully entertaining you.

This post first appeared at Cheryl Loves to Read on July 20, 2018.


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  1. I absolutely love this series! I read all three books in the span of less than a week.

    Please tell me that there will be at least one more book in this series? We have to find out what happened to Michael!

    • Hi Dean ~ You’re so kind to write. Thank you! And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Zodiac Mysteries! There will definitely be more books and more adventures for Julia. The next story will be a novella (Enter a Wizard, Stage Left) that’s set before the series begins. It should be out in the fall and I’ll do my best to let everyone know. That one features Julia’s grandmother and explains how she first became interested in astrology and how she found Wizard, her cat. After that is a full length novel continuing the series. I’ve called this one Serpent’s Doom. And I definitely plan to continue the series and solve the mystery of Michael’s death! Thanks again for writing!

  2. Hi, I am an armchair astrologer and loved all three books. Look forward to more. How about fleshing the astrological pictures of her friends and associates? From the last book we learned that her grandma was a Scorpio. How about Kuan, Cheryl and the other important ones in her life (including Wizard’s sign. Pet astrology is fun and interesting too.) Happy writing!


    A Gemini with a Gemini, Capricorn and Sagittarius children and Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio cats.

    • Wow! Your family really covers the horoscope! Well, at least half of it. And your suggestion is a great one too. I’ve neglected the people closest to Julia. I guess she’s been too busy with her clients and solving murders.
      I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the Zodiac Mysteries. There will be more, I’m in the process of changing publishers. My new publisher will re-release the first three books. So far, there is a novella to come (set before the series begins), Zodiac #4 (Serpent’s Doom) and I’m currently working on Zodiac #5. Thanks so much for writing! Happy reading!!!

    • Hi Barbara ~ Your timing is terrific! My new publisher is re-releasing all the Zodiac Mysteries with new covers, starting September 22nd, and the series will continue.
      Next up will be a novella, set before the series begins, called ‘Enter a Wizard, Stage Left,’ followed by the fourth book – ‘Serpent’s Doom.’
      I’m currently finishing up Zodiac #5, and I’ll be posting on FB with my first new cover in a few days.
      Thanks for writing, and happy reading! All the best!

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