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Chatting about the Zodiac Mysteries

I really enjoyed chatting about mysteries and writing with Bill Peschel at Peschel Press! Click one of the links below to listen. Spotify: https://spoti.fi/4409Fum Google Podcasts: https://bit.ly/3Ol3RpK Apple ITunes: https://apple.co/43Vk7n1  

Serpent’s Doom Excerpt

Cheryl, the manager of The Mystic Eye, signaled to me. I was at the Eye to fill in at the evening’s psychic fair. She indicated a young woman in a cotton skirt and denim jacket. Her dark hair was cut in bangs and pulled back in a low ponytail. She wore no makeup and clutched […]

Memories of the Mystic Eye

When I began writing the first Zodiac Mystery (The Madness of Mercury), I didn’t intend that the fictional Mystic Eye occult bookshop would become a recurring location.  I should have realized it would as the series went on.  After all, my San Francisco astrologer, Julia Bonatti, discovered her first astrology books there.  Her best friend […]

The Windmills of San Francisco

With each Zodiac Mystery, I try to find a unique section of the city in which to place a story, or search for historic or unusual buildings.  No problem there, because San Francisco is a city that truly values and preserves its architecture and history.  In the first Zodiac Mystery, The Madness of Mercury, I […]

Enter a Wizard, Stage Left

I’m chatting about Enter a Wizard, Stage Left, the prequel novella to the Zodiac Mysteries, at I Read What You Write.

The Big Thrill

My interview at ITW’s The Big Thrill, all about the inspiration for Serpent’s Doom.    

Up and Down These Mean Streets

I’m thrilled that Serpent’s Doom (Zodiac Mystery #4) is featured on Don Herron’s Up and Down These Mean Streets (of San Francisco). If you’re there, make sure you sign up for one of Don’s Dashiell Hammett walking tours. You won’t regret it!  

SCWA Hump Day Book Tour

Maddie Margarita has graciously invited me to the Southern California Hump Day Book Tour. Listen in here.