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The Mystery on the Menu luncheon at the Cerritos, California library on January 28, 2017 was a fantastic event!  Fifteen bestselling mystery authors appeared before a packed audience.

PanelPaul D. Marks was our moderator for the “Write What You Know, Write What You Don’t Know” with D.P. Lyle, Naomi Hirahara, Dave Putnam and myself.

OthersOf course, we posed for lots of pictures.  Here are Paul D. Marks, Nancy Cole Silverman, Naomi Hirahara and Dianne Emley.

UsDid I say we had a lot of laughs?  We certainly did.

And below, check out a group shot of all the attending authors:

Top row, left to right:  Sybil Johnson, Marcia Clerk, Mike Befeler, Nancy Cole Silverman, Jill Amadio, Christopher J. Lynch, Dianne Emley, Betty Hechtman, Patricia Smiley and Linda O. Johnston.

Seated are Doug Lyle, myself, Paul D. Marks, Naomi Hirahara and Dave Putnam, with our wonderful librarians Padmini and Janice seated below.  All