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When I began writing the first Zodiac Mystery (The Madness of Mercury), I didn’t intend that the fictional Mystic Eye occult bookshop would become a recurring location.  I should have realized it would as the series went on.  After all, my San Francisco astrologer, Julia Bonatti, discovered her first astrology books there.  Her best friend Gale runs the shop and then later, Cheryl takes a job to manage the bookshop and becomes a dear friend.  On top of that, The Mystic Eye attracts a unique group of psychics, mediums, past life regression hypnotists who have become important secondary characters.



But back up a few decades.  Many years ago, there was a real Mystic Eye Occult Bookshop in San Francisco.  It was just down the street from the fictional one, on Broadway, and across Columbus Avenue.  I remember it well.  It was a one of a kind (at the time) occult shop, selling books, talismans, gifts, candle burning supplies and all sorts of other unique items.  I figured the real shop had been gone for so many years, it was safe to use the same name.  Who would remember?


Guess again – lots of people remember the real Mystic Eye with fond memories and somehow they’ve stumbled upon my books or a blog post about the shop and they’ve written to me about their experiences.  I was thrilled to hear from them!

Ron M. wrote to ask if the Mystic Eye (in the Zodiac Mysteries) had anything to do with the 1970’s San Francisco Mystic Eye Occult Bookshop, next to the Green Turtle Bus Company, owned by Aeryn who had a weekly radio broadcast. 

Susa said it was such a wonderful shop, full of books on magic and mysticism, incense and figurines.  She had a spontaneous mystical experience back in the late 1970’s, and being an Atheist, had no idea what had happened to her.  In trying to research it, she ran across the Mystic Eye.  She said, “I found more than books.  I found a community of Witches and Pagans that changed the course of my life.  I am forever grateful to that mysterious little shop and its staff, and still mourn its closing after all these years!”


Ron L. was a teenager when he discovered the Mystic Eye and would spend his hard-earned money on a book or a piece of jewelry.  He loved the fountain by the window and the candle burning in the center.  He made friends with one of the employees and later did a Tarot reading for her.  He said it was an amazing experience. 

Jem was only sixteen when she first discovered the Mystic Eye.  She was intrigued by the pentagram on the floor and bought her first spell candle that day.  Her path has been “many shades of magic” since then.

Robert L. used to work at the shop.  He wondered what happened to the zodiac mosaic in the floor where he was initiated.  He said, “If that circle could talk. . .” 

Pam went to San Francisco on vacation.  She fell in love with the shop and bought a crystal ball. 

Mo said he had heard there were rumors that the Zodiac Killer worked at the Mystic Eye in the 70s and 80s. 



Micah worked at the Mystic Eye and lived with Aeryn, the owner, from the time he was 14 until he went to college.  He took care of her until her death in 2014.  He said she was an amazing and knowledgeable woman, one of a kind. 

Pamela had her cards read at the Mystic Eye in the late 60’s or very early 70’s. She said the scent of that storefront was so unique, as was the shop itself.  Her husband made a pendant (an upside down cross) for the infamous Anton LaVey.  She said, “Yes those were the days!”

Blake remembered all the mirrors and cool stuff when he walked around North Beach, barefoot in a toga with dragons, tripping his brains out.

Nancy loved the shop and visited often.  She purchased incense, body oils, little pouches of magic roots and herbs.  She can still recall the aroma inside.

Scott loved the shop.  He bought incense and had spells removed.  He once bought a jar of incense that was labelled ‘5 plus cous-cous.’  He said, “How did we ever survive the Haight?  Maybe the 5-plus cous cous gave us eternal life.” 


All these memories!  I too remember the shop well.  I bought candles and a book on candle burning rituals.  Who knew that so many people would remember the real Mystic Eye? 

I only hope the fictional Mystic Eye delivers as many good memories for readers! 


(This post first appeared at Book Diva’s Reads on May 30, 2022.)






If you’re a fan of the Zodiac Mysteries, then you’ve definitely visited the Mystic Eye.  You know a lot about it and have met many of the eccentric characters who hang out there.  The occult shop is owned by my protagonist, Julia Bonatti’s, good friend Gale.  And even though I didn’t plan to set so many scenes there when the series began, it just sort of happened.  It was a great place for the characters to come together, especially at the psychic fairs.

There’s Nikolai, the Russian past life regression hypnotist, a larger than life man with a mysterious background.  There’s Zora, the medium and psychic who scares Julia half to death sometimes, lots of other psychics, Wiccans, Tarot readers and all sorts of characters.

So where did my Mystic Eye come from?  A long time ago, there was a real Mystic Eye, also on Broadway in San Francisco, but a little farther east, past the strip clubs and bars and comedy clubs of North Beach.  I remember it well.  It was a strange, dark little place, draped in black hangings.  It sold books and ointments and image candles for candle burning rituals, books on cultural and religious practices, some of it rather dark.  Not particularly my cup of tea, but I was curious since there was no shop like it in the city at the time.  It’s long gone now, so I felt safe using that name for the Zodiac Mysteries.
Julia’s Mystic Eye of the Zodiac books also has an exotic and mysterious atmosphere – plaster gargoyles, Tarot cards, crystals, books on psychic power and healing and religions of all sorts, candle burning supplies, dreamcatchers, magical herbs and ointments, greeting cards and lots of things that make great gifts.  Here are some photos that in spired me when I was writing the Zodiac Mysteries.  Have a look and see if this looks like your mental image of the Eye.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Is there anything happening at The Mystic Eye that you’d like to know more about?  Is there any field of study in the occult world that I haven’t touched upon?  Pyschometry? Remote viewing?  Candle burning?  How about crime or murder?

I hope you’ll stop in at the Eye soon and read about Julia’s adventures in the third book in the Zodiac Mysteries — Tail of the Dragon.  See you at the Eye!
This post first appeared at Island Confidential [frankiebow.com] on June 23, 2018.