Ask Zodia

Welcome to my Ask Zodia page where you can take a peek at Julia’s newspaper column and get some helpful and fun astrological tidbits.

Julia’s been working hard for several years to build her business and her clientele has grown. After her adventures in The Madness of Mercury and all the publicity those crimes generated, she (to her chagrin) became rather famous in the city. It was her Ask Zodia column in the San Francisco Chronicle that caused her so much trouble, but she wasn’t willing to give it up and still loves answering some of the questions that come to her. Here’s some advice she’s willing to share:

Dear Zodia
I’ve worked as a bookkeeper in the corporate world my entire life. At age 65, my company forced me to retire. I’ve never felt so lost and useless. What can I do? My birth date is May 4, 1944 at 10:43 PM in Baltimore.
— Discarded

Dear Discarded:
Your true artistic abilities have never been recognized, much less nourished. A whole new world can open up for you if you pursue some form of craftsmanship to produce beautiful things. Jewelry design, working in precious metals, is just one possibility that comes to mind. Try your hand at it. I think you’ll be amazed at your abilities and imagination. Believe me, you won’t look back.
— Zodia

Ask Zodia reminds you to never, ever start a new project or endeavor on the dark of the Moon, the last three days before the New Moon. You’ll find your desired result fails or fizzles or just languishes, never achieving your goal.

Dear Zodia
I’ve just gone through a terrible breakup and I’m feeling so vulnerable. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This is not my first relationship that has failed. I try very hard to make things work, but I never seem to have any luck. I was born on June 1, 1974 in Utica, New York.
— Heartbroken

Dear Heartbroken:
There is nothing wrong with you! You are a sensitive and generous soul. You were born with an exact opposition between your Sun and Neptune which indicates to me that you are not realistic about your choices in partnership. This may be due to lack of support from a father figure. I would recommend not giving up but evaluating your potential partners with the rose-colored glasses off! Ask your trusted friends their opinion before you commit. Also, seek professional help to understand why you have difficulty being selfishly realistic. Your life will change and your heart will blossom.
— Zodia

Ever wonder why some purchases never work out? That item seemed to be perfect when you bought it, but now . . . well, it should just be returned to the store. If you Ask Zodia she’d say that you bought that item when the Moon was “void of course,” meaning that the Moon will not make an aspect to another planet before it moves into the next sign.

Ask Zodia says the dark of the Moon, the last three days before the New Moon, is a time to relax, to hibernate and to make plans for the future — plans that can be implemented at the New Moon. Here’s a Moon Phase link that can help you do just that.