Discussion Guides

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Here are some suggested questions to get a discussion started –>

The Madness of Mercury

1. As a practicing astrologer, Julia feels she has broken one of own rules — never discuss a client’s reading. Was she wrong to break that rule?

2. Did Julia dismiss Evandra’s worries? And if so, why?

3. Is Dorothy aware of who Gudrun is? Or has she simply turned a blind eye because it aligns with her plans.

4. Was there anything else Julia could have done to protect herself from the Army of the Prophet?

5. Does the ghost of Lily really haunt the Gamble House?

All Signs Point to Murder

1. Should Julia have done more to warn Geneva about her chosen wedding day?

2. Should Brooke have been more worried about her husband’s influence over Moira?

3. Julia feels that Rita knew more than she was saying. Why would Rita be reluctant to tell the truth?

4. Why does Dan Leary dislike Rob so much? Does his explanation to Julia make sense?

5. Why does Pamela, Rob’s former sister-in-law, defend him so vehemently?

Tail of the Dragon

1. Why isn’t David Meyers completely honest with Julia when he asks her to come to the firm?

2. Rita Walstone implies that her husband Ira “had it all figured out.” What did she mean?

3. Should Julia make more of an effort to mend the breach with Celia, Michael’s mother?

4. Why did the elderly man change his story about the hit and run that killed Julia’s fiancé?

5. Was Terence Ward truly guilty for the fire and the death of the janitor? Or was he railroaded?