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The Madness of Mercury Reviews

“This smartly written debut from di Marco . . . (who wrote the Soup Lover’s Mystery series as Connie Archer) sets the stage for a promising series.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“di Marco’s (“Soup Lover’s Mysteries”) series starter features a clever plot and a smart and feisty heroine with feet firmly planted on the ground while she searches the stars.” ~ Library Journal

“The stars may not align for the unlucky characters in The Madness of Mercury, but they certainly do for readers who discover this book. An astrologer with her eyes on her charts and her feet planted firmly on the ground,Julia Bonatti is an original sleuth, juggling Zodiac readings with amysterious deft hand and a Jim Jones-like cult leader. Dark wit and darker motivations unite to create a satisfying read.” ~ Kim Fay, The Map of Lost Memories, Edgar Award Finalist for Best First Novel

“San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti’s misadventures are a reader’s good fortune in this intriguing new series. National bestselling authorConnie di Marco blends real-life tragedy, heart-rending betrayal, loyal friends, and the kindness of strangers in this fast-paced, entertaining read.” ~ Leslie Budewitz, two-time Agatha Award winning author of the Seattle Spice Shop Mysteries

“A great read is in the stars! With the Zodiac Mysteries, Connie diMarco gives us a bright and interesting heroine and a mystery withplenty of twists and turns. Lots of action and well-written suspense equal good fortune for readers.” ~ Casey Daniels, author of The Pepper Martin Mysteries

“With The Madness of Mercury, Connie di Marco begins a fascinating new series set in the intriguing world of astrology in SanFrancisco. I really loved this book! The writing is clever and compelling and the protagonist is smart and gutsy. The villains are seriously sinister and the darkly intricate plot will keep you turning pages late into the night. I’m looking forward to many more in this series. Connie di Marco knows her stuff!” ~ Kate Carlisle, Author of the Bibliophile Mysteries and the Fixer-Upper Mysteries

“I give The Madness of Mercury five stars for fast pacing, great plot consistency, and excellent imagery.” ~ Books That Hook

“This mystery was well-written, delightful and kept me entertained until the very last page . . . I’m looking forward to reading more about these characters in the next books of the series.” ~ Moonlight Rendezvous

“A wonderful start to an intriguing new series. . . . The flow of the story is well paced and you’ll wish you could read it in one sitting! . . . Full of suspense and surprises and lots of interesting information!” ~ Laura’s Interests

“As a traditional mystery the book is stellar. The Madness of Mercury takes a fascinating look at people and their inner workings, their motivations. It is a complex mystery which combines astrology and cult mentality, showing what can happen when divergent beliefs cross paths and intolerance rears its ugly head.”” ~ Cozy Up With Kathy

The Madness of Mercury is a truly engrossing mystery, captured me from the first page and I couldn’t put it down. . . . For lovers of astrology, this is a must read.” ~ LibriAmoriMiei

“I was fascinated bythe idea of a mystery series involving astrology, and I was not disappointed. .. . I can hardly wait for the next book in this series!” ~ Book Babble

“The mystery plot kept me absorbed from start to finish. . . . I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next Zodiac Mystery.” ~ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard

The Madness of Mercury is a good start to a series that promises to be well-written and engaging. I was so involved in reading the story that I forgot to take any notes for the review!” ~ Bea’s Book Nook

The Madness of Mercury serves up one of the most chilling stories of a cult spun out of control in recent memory. . ..all the signs point to my revisiting Julia and Co. in the future!”
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